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Thorsten Hohmann
Mental Game Videos
  1. Thorsten Hohmann 152 & Out
    Recorded in September 2007 - at the Jack Colavita Memorial New Jersey 14.1 Championship at Comet Billiards in Parsippany, NJ. Thorsten Hohmann Vs Jim Gottier, Thorsten Hohman runs 152 and out. Commentary by "Blackjack" David Sapolis and Eric "Easy E" Charlton.
  2. Thorsten Hohmann 98 Ball Run
    Scored and commented by David Sapolis.
Niels Feijen
  1. Niels Feijen 304 Ball Run
    This run was recorded during a 14.1 Challenge between Niels Feijen and Ivo Aarts. It was a race to 1,000 points and part of the boot camp as preparation to the European Championships. They played the race over 2 days and it was broadcasted live by OrangeForks Productions. Niels took the lead over the first day and on the second day he shot this incredible 304 run. In a later stage we added the commentary which was done by David Sapolis from the USA.
  2. Niels Feijen 208 Ball Run
    Niels Feijen runs 208 balls during practice - March 11, 2014. Commentary by David Sapolis (Blackjack).
  3. Niels Feijen 161 Ball Run
    Niels Feijen runs 161 balls at the 2014 George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge at the Derby City Classic. Commentary by David Sapolis.
  4. Niels Feijen 130 Ball Run
    Niels Feijen runs 130 Balls at the 2008 Derby City Classic Straight Pool Challenge. Commentary by David Sapolis.