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Perfect Fundamentals
This is my foundational fundamentals course - 4 sessions/ $200.00.

This course is designed to cover all areas of your game and is offered in 3 levels - 



$200.00 for initial course -

$100.00 for additional follow up courses.  
Principles of Position
Advanced Cue Ball Control
9 Ball Intensive
Principles of 14.1 Continuous
Kicking Academy
Current Schedule

Basic -             Sundays 7 PM
Intermediate - Mondays 7 PM
Advanced -     Tuesdays 7 PM
Competitive 8 Ball

Basic Level (4 Sessions)

Following a short Course Introduction, the student will be evaluated on:

Shot making

On the spot corrections will be made and the session will concentrate upon 
strengthening your basic fundamentals.

Most students benefit from 4 sessions that are equally balanced to strengthen the basic fundamentals required to play the game of pool.

Intermediate Level (4 Sessions)

Following a short Course Introduction, the student will be re-evaluated
followed by instruction in the following:

Goal Setting and Realization
Introduction to Cue Ball Control
Playing Position Basics
The Science of Pocketing Balls
The Mental Game
Bank Shots and Kick Shots
Advanced Cue Ball Control
Preparing For Competition
Advanced Position Techniques
Playing Safe
Adapting to Playing Conditions
Breaking Bad Habits
Effective Practice Techniques

Advanced Level (4 Sessions)

This course is designed for professional players and regional tour players.

Contact me for details and availability.

The course is designed to evaluate the serious player, and to correct deficiencies and strengthen the player mentally and physically. The player will also be put through an advanced goal setting session, as well as an intense session where the player is tested mentally in an intense competitive atmosphere that accurately mimics a pool tournament environment.

This course is individualized to suit the player's individual needs.